Travelling in the Red Zone

Travelling in the Red Zone – Tales from Iraq (Rejse I Rød Zone – beretninger fra Irak) – Tiderne Skifter 2007. - With photos.

»From the reviews:

»Attentive reporting-style based on well documented background material in an excellent and harrowing account of a country at war.«

»This book is invaluable. It offers a unique insight into what has been going on in Iraq before and after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Iraqi upon Iraqi narrate the story of their lives and destinies to the two authors, they themselves recount the violence they have witnessed, while all along interweaving an immense amount of information and background knowledge. If you want to know something about Iraq, and if you want to understand what is going on, then this is the book…. Eva Plesner and Flemming Weiss Andersen deserve the deepest respect for their courage, their sober-mindedness and their excellent pens. This book is much more than journalism. It is documentary art. It should be translated into as many languages as possible, not at least Arabic. «

»Plainly speaking, it is important to read it« Jyllandsposten

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