»Naboerne i Bagdad«

AWARDED BOOK OF THE SEASON, BG-bank, autumn 2004:

»A fascinating story about those who escaped the hell of Saddam Hussein.«
(Gerhardt Eriksen, Jyllands-Posten)

» An absolutely excellent book is the result of Eva Plesner’s and Flemming Weiss Andersen’s stay in Baghdad: in a moving, exciting and enlightening literary form, they recount the personal reports of a neighbourhood… this is both horrifying and exciting reading. You simply get deeply involved in these Iraqi destinies.«
(Pernille Bramming, Weekendavisen.)

»The Neighbours in Baghdad” fills out a gap in our knowledge about Iraq, Baghdad and its recent history. The elegantly fluent language combined with the exciting tales makes it hard to stop reading.«
(professor Jørn Lund ved prisoverrækkelsen i BG-bank, september 2004)

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